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Labor Optimization

        The world is a changing place and sometimes you find you must revise your accepted productivity level to accomodate this change. Tactical Engineering Solutions’s Labor Optimization consulting process is short on analysis and long on implementation. We are "hands on" within your organization. We have established a set of tools based on the industry standard MODAPTS time standards to optimize work and improve processes to rebalance your labor usage and practices as follows

  • Identify operations with potential for relocation of work
    for labor efficiencies
  • Create plans for methodization opportunities identified
    with our Client
  • Create to/from plan for effective operations
  • Provide work place layout templates for non-value
    added work time analysis of each revised direct labor

        Our engineers are experienced professionals, with long track records in identifying the facts and obtaining measurable results while dealing successfully with the realities of business organizations, politics and cultures. We work in a collaborative and participative manner with our clients.