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Collaboration and Time Data Management
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Collaboration and Time Data Management

        In partnership with our customers, Tactical Engineering Solutions creates environments for real-time decision-making, integrated operations, and mass collaboration. Our primary focus is to ensure safer and more efficient operational performance. Tactical Engineering provides solutions that integrate data, computing systems, scorecards and people between the different functions of your organization (quality, finance, safety, production, human resources). Specifically, we provide:

  • Technical and business assessment and design
  • Expert advisory services for special themes related
    to integrated operations and upstream decision support
  • Change management and training
  • Project Management for all phases involved in the
    delivery of an integrated collaboration environment
  • Technical solutions for multi-data-source and real-time
    decision making

        Technology has become a major enabler in information and knowledge sharing. Tactical Engineering Solutions deploys tools that enable people to collaborate and share information.