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Lean Implementation

        As a recognized leader in the implementation of Lean principles for clients around the world, Tactical Engineering Solutions understands the challenges of implementing and sustaining continuous improvement programs.

        The application of Lean principles coupled with Six Sigma problem-solving techniques provides the quickest and most lasting way to cut costs. Lean can best be defined as 'The relentless elimination of waste throughout an organization - so you can deliver highest quality, customer-focused products and services in the most efficient, effective, and responsive manner possible.'

        Applying lean principles and techniques is key to streamlining your operations and accelerating your Return-on-Investment (ROI). With our highly trained and experienced consultants implementing lean principles, Tactical Engineering Solutions can help you transform your operation into a more agile, more productive, and more profitable enterprise whatever your industry.

        Our Lean Solutions group has extensive experience helping companies around the world implement change. Our intensive, hands-on involvement ensures that both management and workforce learn and adopt the principles, tools and techniques necessary to eliminate waste, and to implement and sustain continuous improvement.

        Lean and Six Sigma principles and techniques can be used in manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. Increasingly, service sectors such as banking, financial services, airlines, government and healthcare are adopting the combined powers of Lean and Six Sigma as they recognize the need to deliver both speed (Lean) and quality (Six Sigma).