Early Stage Solutions
Continuous Monitoring
Process Flow Mapping
Workstation Layout
Material Movement
Rapid Improvement (Kaizen)
Problem Solving
Workgroup Development
End User Training
Supplier Assessment and Development
Medium Stage Solutions
Value Stream Mapping
Standardized Work
Line Rebalancing
Advanced Solutions
Six Sigma Problem Analysis
Facility Layout Revisions
Visual Factory
Pull Systems
Enterprise Performance Systems
Early Stage Solutions

Continuous Monitoring – is used to gather information on any process and identify the causes of any waste or loss in throughput, quality, or other measure defining performance. Traditional stop watch methods can be deployed but often newer technological based techniques provide the information in a more cost effective manner.

Process Flow Mapping – is a classical industrial engineering approach which can now be readily applied to business process mapping, evaluation of integrated systems of management on the manufacturing floor, in a medical facility or even in an office environment to determine how time is being used and opportunities for improvement.

Workstation Layout – 5S is a structured approach developed as part of the Toyota Production System to layout materials, tools and consumables in the most efficient manner and sustain the consequent performance improvement. Workstation layout also include the development of shadow boards and ergonomic cell layout revisions as required.

Material Movement – Kanban is the first step in a pull system deployment that determines the supply, or production, according to the actual demand of the customers. In contexts where supply time is lengthy and demand is difficult to forecast, the best one can do is to respond quickly to observed demand. This is exactly what a kanban system can help: it is used as a demand signal which immediately propagates through the supply chain. This can be used to ensure that intermediate stocks held in the supply chain are better managed, usually smaller.

Rapid Improvement (Kaizen) – We specialize in training and facilitating events where a variety of tools are deployed in a focused usually geographically specific are to improve throughput and eliminate waste. Rapid Improvement Teams are assembled and work quickly to implement quick hit improvements in a specific target or constrained area.

Problem Solving - Tactical are experts in a variety of problem solving techniques and frequently mentor, facilitate and train in fault tree development, ishikawa diagrams, pareto analysis, paynter analysis, root cause identification, team oriented problem solving (5 Whys, 8D).

Workgroup Development – Modern manufacturing systems require a high degree of autonomy from an individual and successful workgroups require systems to feed them the information to make them successful. We have deployed and successfully launched many hundreds of effective workgroups or self directed work teams.

End User Training – Whether it’s because you’re in a growth period or because you’re downsizing and trying to do more with less, end user training and followup is a critical aspect of sustaining performance. We provide Enterprise training in the systems and processes deployed to individuals who are learning new skills. Also, because of our manufacturing background we also provide training in start up procedures, specific tool usage, position specific training, and maintenance and repair operations.

Supplier Assessment and Development – Tactical has well developed processes in auditing, assessment, supplier development, containment and verification. We have successfully implemented two major systems for (i) continuous monitoring including supplier scorecard development and (ii) a process to recover a RED supplier status.