Early Stage Solutions
Continuous Monitoring
Process Flow Mapping
Workstation Layout
Material Movement
Rapid Improvement (Kaizen)
Problem Solving
Workgroup Development
End User Training
Supplier Assessment and Development
Medium Stage Solutions
Value Stream Mapping
Standardized Work
Line Rebalancing
Advanced Solutions
Six Sigma Problem Analysis
Facility Layout Revisions
Visual Factory
Pull Systems
Enterprise Performance Systems
Advanced Solutions

Six Sigma Problem Analysis - is applicable for businesses with repetitive occurrences of the same types of problems over and over again. Six Sigma root cause analysis tool stresses locating and eliminating the root causes of the problem rather than finding quick-fix solutions. In effect, it basically helps businesses to find long-lasting solutions for all types of problems that occur repeatedly when left unchecked in their natural state.

Facility Layout Revisions - Often, to get the optimum performance a layout revision is required. Lean facility layouts streamline the process flow and arrange the process steps in a natural flow order, link process steps to minimize cycle time and travel distance, eliminate crossover points, and simulate a continuous flow process by putting internal customers and suppliers next to each other.

Visual Factory - is a term to describe how data and information is conveyed in a lean manufacturing environment. In a lean manufacturing environment time and resources dedicated to conveying information, although necessary, are a form of waste. By using visual methods to convey information such as signs, charts and andons, information is easily accessible to those who need it. The current status of all processes is immediately apparent.

Pull Systems - The concept of pull in lean production means to respond to the pull, or demand, of the customer. Those able to produce to the pull of customers do not need to manufacture goods that traditional batch-and-queue manufacturers must rely on. The planning for delivery of product to customers is less troublesome, and demand becomes more stable if customers have confidence in knowing that they can get what they want when they want it.

Enterprise Performance Systems - offer a comprehensive suite of Web-based, financial, supply chain, production and quality system management and decision-support solutions for integrated performance improvement. These field-proven tools operate as a fully integrated suite based on a common data model, or may be implemented and used individually.