Early Stage Solutions
Continuous Monitoring
Process Flow Mapping
Workstation Layout
Material Movement
Rapid Improvement (Kaizen)
Problem Solving
Workgroup Development
End User Training
Supplier Assessment and Development
Medium Stage Solutions
Value Stream Mapping
Standardized Work
Line Rebalancing
Advanced Solutions
Six Sigma Problem Analysis
Facility Layout Revisions
Visual Factory
Pull Systems
Enterprise Performance Systems

        Tactical has developed a suite of solutions, which are used when transitioning an existing production operation, to one that fully implements a Lean manufacturing philosophy and Lean best practices. Although all solutions are available, individual solutions are selected and deployed based upon the customer’s stage in their Lean transformation. This roadmap defines a systematic implementation process, specific actions in order of precedence that are milestones in the journey to Lean production. The model is typically organized into major phases with points of interface defined with other systems that are both internal to production operations and external to the business enterprise.

        The Production Operations Roadmap is not a cookbook of actions that must be strictly followed for every implementation. Rather, every implementation will be unique in that every enterprise has its own culture, and legacy policies and systems that will either support or impede the journey to Lean. The various phases should be regarded as tollgates or checkpoints to ensure that the elements listed in the prior phase are in-place to some degree or are being addressed, prior to proceeding to the next phase.